Why You Should Tan - The Benefits of Visiting a Tanning Salon



Everyone knows a tan looks fantastic, and projects a healthy and attractive skin complexion, but few realize the great many number of benefits that tanning can bring you. Looking good, and feeling good, has now been scientifically proven. Research shows that tanning stimulates the release of beta-endorphins, our body's "feel-good" hormones. This translates to positive psychological effects and well-being, as well as that great sense of elation that comes from an awesome tan.


Going to an indoor tanning salon is important all year round. In the summer, tanning outdoors can be incredibly dangerous for your health. Although the sun certainly has wonderful soothing properties, unfortunately it is often much too strong (especially with today's depleted ozone layer!) and being under the soon too long will undoubtedly lead to overexposure and sunburn. Meanwhile, an indoor tanning salon carefully regulates the ideal amount of "sunlight" that your body receives. You can rest assured knowing your skin is safe from damage, burning, and too many harmful rays.


In the winter, tanning is all the more significant. With the little amount of sunlight available many people lack vitamin D, a compound that is critical to good health. Vitamin D is produced when your body is exposed to UV rays, which usually come from the sun. However, in the winter, with very short days and most people couping up indoors, vitamin D becomes scarce. Research shows that too little vitamin D leads to premature aging, low bone density and possible even cardiovascular disease! Coming to a tanning salon will give you that boost of UV that your skin needs to start making vitamin D. Keep this in mind during those frigid winter days!



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